Binnu Dhillon is a renowned name in Punjabi Cinema. He is known for his hilarious Punjabi Comedy Movies. He is a great Indian Actor, Stand-up comedian, television presenter, and dancer. He was born on August 29, 1975, in Dhuri in Punjab, India. The real name of Binnu Dhillon is Birender Singh Dhillon. Punjabi comedy movies of Binnu Dhillon made him extremely popular in Punjabi Cinema as well as across the nation. In 1994, he did his post-graduate degree in Theatre and Television from Punjabi University, Patiala. Below the paragraphs, we are sharing the best Punjabi movies of Binnu Dhillon which you should definitely watch

If you belong to Punjab, you must have watched the best Punjabi movies of Binnu Dhillon. If not, then we are here to make you aware all about Binnu Dhillon Latest Punjabi Movies, Binnu Dhillon Comedy Movies, New Upcoming Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon as well as Top Best Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon.

So, let’s check out the complete list of best Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon:

1 Watch Famous Binnu Dhillon Punjabi Movies – Band Vaaje 2019

Binnu Dhillon starrer Punjabi Movie Band Vaaje released in 2019. It’s a Punjabi romantic comedy movie of Binnu Dhillon also starring Mandy Takhar, Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Smeep Kang. Like all hit Punjabi Comedy Movies of Binnu Dhillon, Band Vaaje also released with a bang in Punjabi Cinema. Not only comedy but this movie has a romantic touch as well in the story.

Binnu Dhillon played the lead actor role in Band Vaaje Movie. The story of the Band Vaaje movie revolves around Inder and Billo. Inder falls in love with Billo and later finds that she belongs to Pakistan. He also came to know that his grandmother’s hatred of Pakistan that forces Inder to lie to his family about his love with Billo. This leads to hilarious situations in the story. All in all, the Punjabi Comedy Movie of Binnu Dhillon – Band Vaaje is a must-watch. Go and watch Band Vaaje Punjabi Comedy Movie Online and enjoy the hilarious comedy of this Superhit Comedy Star of Punjabi Cinema.

2 Get Miffed with the Inappropriate ‘Disability Based Jodi of Binnu Dhillon & Sargun Mehta in Punjabi Movie ‘Jhalle’

This was the much-awaited Punjabi film of 2019 starring Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta. Punjabi Film Jhalle has been released on 15 November 2019 and has received an amazing response from the audience. This movie was directed by Amarjit Singh Saron and produced by Binnu Dhillon Production, Manish Walia Production, and Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The Jhalle film was starring Binnu Dhillon,

Sargun Mehta, Jatinder Kaur, Pavan Malhotra, Harby Sangha, Gurinder Dimmpy and Banninder Bunny.  The story of Punjabi Movie Jhalle revolves around lead pair Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta. Sargun as a character named Neena and Binnu as Ballu suffers from psychological problems. They live with families who love them a lot but were not able to tolerate their behavior. Fortunately, they met and slowly started falling in love. But when Ballu goes to Neena`s house to talk with her family about marriage with Neena, he was greeted with a big chaos. So, if you haven’t watched the film yet, we would not disclose the climax of the film, because we want you to find out on your own that the Jodi of Neena and Ballu get their family`s blessings or not? Watch Binnu Dhillon’s Punjabi Movie ‘Jhalle’ today and discover the suspense of the film.

3 Watch the Hilarious treat by Binnu Dhillon in Punjabi Movie- Kala Shah Kala

Released on the Valentine Day 2019 ‘Kala Shah Kala’ is a romantic cum comedy Punjabi film starring Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, and Jordan Sandhu. This was the first time when the audience got to see the fresh trio of Binnu Dhillon, Jordan Sandhu, and Sargun Mehta. The movie was also featured Karamjit Anmol, Anita Devgan and Shahnaz Gill Nirmal Rishi, Harby Sangha, BN Sharma, and Gurmeet Saajan. Directed and written by Amarjit Singh, the ‘Kala Shah Kala’ movie was produced by Harsimran Dhillon, Achal Kaushal, GS Dhillon, Navaniat Singh, Karan Soni, and Binnu Dhillon as well.

The film demonstrated the past era in the setting. Binnu Dhillon played the role of a dark complexion guy. The movie revolves around Binnu’s character named ‘Lovely’ who has to face a lot of struggles to find love because of his dark complexion. When Lovely meets Pammi (Sargun Mehta), who is a beautiful girl, he fell in love with her! But, his life flips around when he will have to prove that the heart matters the most rather than the color of the skin. To find out, how lovely succeed in proving his love for Pammi? Watch Kala Shah Kala full Punjab movie online now!

4 Watch the hilarious collaboration of Binnu Dhillon and Gippy Grewal in Superhit Punjabi Movie- Mar Gaye Oye Loko’

New Punjabi Movie ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ starring Gippy Grewal and Sapna Pabbi has gained a magical collection at the box office immediately after its release. Along with Binnu Dhillon’s character as the lead role, the movie became more attractive and hilarious at the same time.

The story of this movie is based on a case of mistaken identity. The confusion in the story begins when the Yamdoot takes away the soul of the wrong person. The soul of that person tries to live his life in someone else’s body. But, as we know it’s easier to say than done. And, all such situations give rise to further confusions. All in all story plots around how the soul of that man returns back to earth to marry his love.

If we talk about, Binnu Dhillon character’s is this film, he is playing a character named Gill Bai who is the union leader of students at a university. He is playing the role of a notorious yet cunning and grey shaded gangster. We will also see Binnu Dhillon transforming several times in the film. The story is written in a way that when Binnu’s character dies, 2 different spirits enter his body. The trailer reveals Gippy’s character spirit entering into Binnu’s body, but there’s someone else spirit too. And, this creates a lot of drama and comedy in the film. Binnu Dhillon is such a strong character in this film who manages to helm the comedy in film and lift it out to its true genre. The music of this film is given by Guru Randhawa and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that saves the day with soulful and refreshing music. To check yet another masterpiece of Punjabi Comedy Movie of Binnu Dhillon, go watch Punjabi Movie ‘Mar Gaye Oye Loko’ online.

5 Watch Superhit Punjabi Comedy Movie of Binnu Dhillon – Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan

The wait for the upcoming Punjabi movie of Binnu Dhillon has been over as the New Punjabi Movie of Binnu Dhillon – Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan has been released and has gained a lot of appreciation from the audience across the nation. If you haven’t watched it yet, then, you should not miss it. It’s a Punjabi comedy movie directed by Smeep Kang and was released on 13 July 2018. The main lead of this film includes Binnu Dhillon, Kavita Kaushik, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla and Karamjit Anmol. 

The story begins with a hilarious dilemma, when the hero (Binnu Dhillon) suddenly lost his eyes and goes blind right before the marriage, and just before the climax of the film he eyesight comes back as per the story of the film. The entire comedy of this film revolves around Binnu Dhillon and his two friends who do everything to hide the truth of Binnu’s blindness from his relatives in various functions before marriage. To know all about the story and how Binnu succeeds in keeping the humorous comedy alive in this one of his Famous Punjabi Comedy Movies, you have to watch this movie online for sure!

The famous soundtracks of this movie include “Mar Jawan”, “O Sweety”, and the title song of this movie “Carry on Jatta”. The story revolves around Jass (Gippy Grewal) who finds his love Mahie at a friend’s marriage. But, the confusion and comedy begin when he married her secretly because she only wants to marry someone who doesn’t have anyone in his family like herself. The characters of Binnu Dhillon as Jass’s Brother and Jaswinder Bhalla as his father made this movie an unforgettable comedy treat for all Punjabi Movie lovers. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it, man, right now!

6 Watch the unique style of Binnu Dhillon Comedy in Popular Punjabi Movie- Bambukat (2016)

After the huge success of Angrej, this movie is another great presentation by Ammy Virk who is playing the lead role in this movie. This movie also brings back the magic of the simple rural life of Punjab which is not so modern era. The story is quite simple yet shows the various intricacies of relationships of in-laws and other relatives.

Binnu Dhillon is as usual playing a great role in this film and you will see a unique style of his performance and humor in Punjabi Film- Bambukat. All other lead characters have also done their role extremely very well. Such movies have taken the Punjabi movie industry at new levels.

Bambukat is a Punjabi movie was directed by Pankaj Batra and was released on 29 July 2016. The star cast of this film includes Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Sheetal Thakur, Simi Chahal and Karamjit Anmol in the lead role. Binnu Dhillon has nailed his role in this film as what is expected from him! He is playing the role of Resham Singh and no one else could do this role better than him…

The film- Bambukat (Means Motorcycle) actually begins when Binnu Dhillon’s character as Resham Singh (brother-in-law of Ammy & Simi) enters in the story and his introduction in the film story creates a mixture of comedy and drama. The consistent flaunting of his motorbike, and demeaning Channan (Ammy Virk-his brother-in-law in the film) at every next opportunity, make story proceedings quite very interesting. The way Channan proves himself to everyone that he is no less than his brother-in-law Resham Singh forms the rest parts of the story.

It’s a complete family entertainment package. The movie ensures that viewers remain fully entertained while watching it. It is also based on true reality and shows the serious issues in our society such as economic divide and color bias. So, all in all, this movie can make your weekend vibes fully entertaining. Go watch it online!

7 Watch this Superhit Punjabi Comedy Movie of Binnu Dhillon-Carry on Jatta

Carry on Jatta is a Punjabi Comedy movie which was It was released on 27 July 2012. Although it has been a long time when this movie was released, the storyline and the funny characters of this film are still on the mind of the audience. This film was directed by Smeep Kang and the production was under the banner of GurFateh Films, Sippy Grewal Productions, Sukha production. The main star cast of carrying on Jatta includes Gippy Grewal, Mahie Gill, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rana Ranbir. This is one of the best Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon and Gippy Grewal.  The superb comedy, extremely talented stars in this film made it truly a family entertaining movie that anyone can watch anytime and laugh every time.

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8 Watch this one of the Best Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon – Vekh Baraatan Challiyan (2017)

There is no doubt that this is one of the best Punjabi Comedy Movies of Binnu Dhillon. This movie is directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and was released on 28 July 2017.  The movie is starring Binnu Dhillon, Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Kavita Kaushik, Jaswinder Bhalla and, Karamjit Anmol and many more in lead roles.

Top 10 Comrdy Movies

The film is based on the story of a loving couple, who hails from two different cultures and wanted to marry each other. Binnu played the role of Punjabi bus conductor in this film, who fell in love with a Haryanvi girl (Kavita Kaushik), and then the comedy begins when these different cultures couple planned to get married. From Storyline to lead actors, everything has been excellent in the film and has worked well on the right track as per the story script. The movie also gives an important message to society. Go, watch this movie as you will definitely like the movie and will learn a lot from the message in its script. You must watch this movie- Vekh Baraatan Challiyan if you are a diehard fan of Binnu Dhillon.

9 Oh My Pyo (2014)

Oh, My Pyo is yet another one of the best Punjabi movies of Binnu Dhillon. This movie is directed and also produced by Niharika Sahni and was released on 13 June 2014. The movie starring Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sardar Sohi, Dakshita Kumaria, Babbal Rai, Bhanu Sri Mehra, in the lead roles.

The story of the movie plots around the hilarious adventures of Binnu Dhillon, Babbal Rai, and their old Pyo!! Oh, My Pyo- Punjabi Film brings a Gangster Don Sardar Kohli’s family. His sons, Binnu Dhillon and Babbal Rai are extremely incompetent. The Don wants them to run his traditional gangster business, and this forms the rest story. This movie is truly worth watching and if you are looking for non-stop comedy entertainment and heavy doses of laughter, you should watch it online now!

10 Watch Online Complete Comedy Package at Punjabi Movie of Binnu Dhillon-Munde Kamaal De!

Munde Kamaal De is a hilarious Punjabi comedy Movie of Binnu Dhillon which is directed by Amit Prasher and the story is written by Naresh Kathuria. The comedy film is starring Amrinder Gill, Binnu Dhillon and Yuvraj Hans. Their trio plays the lead role of the deaf, dumb and blind in this film. Basically the film is based on today’s youth who have a very careless attitude towards their life, while their families want them to be settled and become responsible. In the end, finally, they succeed in proving their worth to their families.

This is a story of two physically challenged boys Vikram and Rocky who fell in love with the daughters of Mr. Sidhu. However, they are physically disabled, due to which they have to struggle a lot to convince the father of girls’- Mr. Sidhu. The comedy chaos begins, when they take the help of their friend Tinku (Binnu Dhillon) in order to gain the trust of the girl’s father but without revealing the truth.

The movie reminds us of the glimpses of the Bollywood Movie, Haseena Maan Jayegi. All in all, you will experience the uncountable moment of laughter in all the scenes in this film. This is all thanks to the great comic timings of Binnu Dhillon and Amrinder Gill. So, watch it if you haven’t watched it yet and discover how did boys manage to convince Mr. Sidhu?

Final Thoughts.

That’s all with us with the best Punjabi movies of Binnu Dhillon. Thanks a lot for checking out the list of best Punjabi Comedy Films of Binnu Dhillon.

If we’ve missed any great Punjabi movie of Binnu Dhillon in the above list, please do remind us in the comment section below. We would love to read your remarks!! Stay tuned with us to know all about the Upcoming Punjabi Movies of Binnu Dhillon, New Punjabi Comedy Movies of Binnu Dhillon and a lot more!



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